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Title Searches

Title searches are what title insurance policies are based on; they are for information purposes only. Your home or land are only protected from loss due to defects in the title by a title insurance policy.

Full Title Searches - Records comprising the history of the title to real estate are examined to disclose the current status of the legal title. These records include deeds, mortgages, liens, and judgments of prior owners of the property. A full title search discloses any claims against the property as well as the existence of any easements or restrictive covenants that may affect the property's use.

Bringdown Searches - A title search is performed starting from the date of the last search, bringing the search up-to-date.

Tax Sale Searches - County and local tax records are searched with the purpose of uncovering any tax liens against the home or property.

Other types of searches include:

All of our searches are performed by attorneys or other legal-trained personnel, and most searches are completed within one week or less.